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Q: "I've never sold minerals before; what's the process?"

A: At MayHawk, we like to keep things simple and fair. Once you contact us by email or phone, we begin the

    process of evaluating your minerals normally within 3 to 5 days. We usually begin the process with an Offer        Letter. If you agree and  accept it, we then conduct a title search and after approval, we then forward a

    Mineral Deed. Once received, processing for payment begins immediately. Closings are usually completed 

    within 20 days.

Q: "My minerals are leased; can I sell leased minerals?"

A: Yes - We buy leased, unleased, and producing minerals in Oklahoma.

Q: "How will this transaction be taxed?"

A: Most mineral sales are considered a capital gain and not taxed as ordinary income. Please consult your

     accountant for further explanation.

Q: "I get letters to buy my minerals in the mail all the time . How do I know who I'm dealing with?"

A: We hear this a lot, especially in the active areas in Oklahoma. A few suggestions - do your homework. Find

     out how long they've been in business. You can usually locate that on the Oklahoma Secretary of State

     website. Find out if they use drafts or checks to pay. Find out how long it takes to close. Never hesitate to ask 

     tough questions.