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Why Sell Minerals?



  • A LARGER PAYOUT NOW: Receiving a large check now may allow you to pay off some credit card bills, pay medical expenses, help with college expense or just build up your reserves or savings account. 


  • REMOVE THE UNCERTAINTY: Minerals are like any other asset you own. The value associated with minerals changes almost daily based on a number of factors including oil prices, natural gas prices, government regulations, etc.


  • IT'S A DEPLETING ASSET: Why wait until your checks begin to decline in value to find out if you could have gotten more for them now?


  • CLOSE OUT AN ESTATE OR TRUST:  You may be receiving either small royalty checks and or a large amount of mail that you’ve grown tired of, not to mention filing returns for an estate or trust that may need to be liquidated. Selling these minerals can simplify your life and eliminate the hassles associated with owning them.